Environmentally friendly .

Environment care

We do mind about environment!!

Our processes are designed to be as harmless as possible and we work to optimize our proceedings on regular basis. Curtifrance has its own effluent treatment plant built specifically to ensure that all our effluents are treated to reduce pollution and meet legal regulations.

Besides process control and our own effluent treatment plant we are working hard to achieve better ecoefficiency and less impact on the environment.

CURTIFRANCE is working to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

Read more about ISO 14000! ISO Web site

At the same time, we are engaged on a "Cleaner Production" project, promoting lower water consumption, reduce chemical consumption and less solid wastes.

Cleaner production is a preventive, company-specific environmental protection initiative. It is intended to minimize waste and emissions and maximize product output. By analysing the flow of materials and energy in a company, one tries to identify options to minimize waste and emissions out of industrial processes through source reduction strategies. Improvements of organisation and technology help to reduce or suggest better choices in use of materials and energy, and to avoid waste, waste water generation, and gaseous emissions, and also waste heat and noise. The concept was developed during the preparation of the Rio Summit as a programme of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). It built on ideas used by 3M in its 3P programme (pollution prevention pays). It has found more international support than all other comparable programmes. The programme idea was described „...to assist developing nations in leapfrogging from pollution to less pollution, using available technologies“. Starting from the simple idea to produce with less waste Cleaner Production was developed into a concept to increase the resource efficiency of production in general.

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